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Updated: 11/24/99 [New information displayed at the bottom of the page]

Welcome! Thanks for coming to Seeka's ADOM Page; As you have probably figured out by now, we have moved. I have moved from to to seeka.eabof.comWhy the name change? Well, the main reason is because I intend for this to be more than a page just for ADOM, it will also include many other powerful resources; hopefully. I moved from freeservers (4mg) to because the server is faster, and the guy that runs it is a friend... The main resource so far is the demo's of ADOM, and I hope to get some more stuff on here, maybe some stories, I have no idea; I am constantly working to get more suggestions, more comments, trying to make it look as good as possible.

ADOM is an acronym for Ancient Domains of Mystery; ADOM is a rougelike game that uses nothing but ascii characters to propel the game. It is colored, it even has flashing colors at levels;
If you have no idea what I am talking about, here is a screenshot of an area called 'Dwarftown' that is famous for being a backup point in the game. For more help for newbies, be sure to visit The Adom FAQ for more info. To download ADOM, go here.

Let me tell you something.. You haven't played Adom until you have seen Edward Schwank's Guides. He claims they aren't finished yet, but I know they are as good as I could ever get them! So download his guides: Non-Spoilers Guide and Spoilers Guide I guarantee they will be the best thing you have ever downloaded in your ADOM history!

For those of you ADOM'ers that are also interested in CRAWL, Edward Schwank's Crawl Club is your best choice

I just made a poem, with MK (Edward Schwank) in it, and even though its un-revised, I have been told it is pretty good, so you can look at it here.

I got bored one day and decided to make an unexpected suprise.. hehe here

[note: this may be considered annoying and harassing material. it contains javascript, so open only if you want to.. I heard one guy say it crashed his system, so he got on my conscience to make this]